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Prepare your yard and garden for winter

Snow, ice, freezing temperatures and other elements of winter are not far off.  You have enjoyed your backyard all summer long, but now it is time to get everything prepped to handle the upcoming cold weather.

Tree trimming and planting:
The fall months offer the perfect opportunity to plant and trim trees.  If you are planting be sure to give the new trees plenty of water in the weeks leading up to the first hard frost.  Tree trimming allows you to remove dead branches and limbs and growth that may be blocking your patio , sidewalk, driveway or hanging over the roof of your house.

Lawn care:
Give your lawn new life with lawn aeration and dethatching.  If your lawn shows signs of runoff and thinning, it can mean that the dirt is very compacted, ,and needs aeration to allow in water and nutrients.  Dethatching is another option to help your lawn grow thick in the spring.  Roots , dead stems and clippings often get trapped between the soil and the green vegetation, blocking the soil from receiving water and nutrients.

Flower and Vegetable Gardens:
Prep your beds now to minimize the amount of work in the spring.  Remove dead plants and turn over soil, add a layer of natural fertilizer like leaf clippings, grass clippings or compost.  These materials will help provide some additional nutrients as they break down over the winter months.  Fall is a great time to plant bulbs for early spring flower decoration.  Cultivate the soil by churning it up and adding a bit of compost or other fertilizer.  Plant the bulb, water it. and mark it so you do not accidentally dig up in the spring.

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