"Property Care 
 All Seasons"
                                                                                                                            Spring Checklist

Cold weather can do a lot of damage to your landscaping but not just the plants. With any winter snow is gone, get out into your yard and assess the damage. Look carefully at any borders, walls, or walkways. If there are cracks or uneven spots, now is the time to repair them.  Also, you may notice damage to your landscaping from animals. Moles or gophers can dig tunnels under your lawn and cause it to be unlevel or unsightly. Raking, leveling and seeding those spots should repair them.

If your landscaping includes perennials or ornamental grasses, now is the time to cut them. Cut perennials back to about ground level. Ornamental grasses need to be cut to six inches in height. This will stimulate the new spring growth.

Clean out your gutters thoroughly. With the spring rains on the way, you do not want your gutters clogged with fall and winter debris. Also, spring is a good tine to clean your tools so that they will be in tip-top shape for spring landscaping.

Spring also brings the weeds back, so now is the time to start weeding again. Also, your mulch probably faded or thinned out through the winter. Rake it and measure it. It needs to be between two and four inches so you may need to add more. As the leaves start to appear on the trees and shrubs, you may notice deadwood that you did not notice when pruning in the fall. Go ahead and remove them now as part of your spring landscaping.

One final note - just because the calendar says spring does not mean that the cold weather is over. There can still be cold temperatures as late as March or April, depending on where you live. Be sure your landscaping does not include anything that cold weather can ruin.